How Music Influences Fashion

It is undoubtedly not an unknown fact that music and fashion have always stood side by side. Whenever a particular trend is seen in any music genre, the fashion industry will immediately pick it up. If you doubt this claim, then let’s look at examples of some of the influences music has had in the fashion industry. The most obvious areas are punk, grime and 90s grunge, which were all inspired by music and found their way into the fashion industry.

Music is one of the largest industries and has played a significant role around the world, especially in the world of fashion. Many artists have influenced fashion such as Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Lady Gaga and many others. According to Billboard Magazine, music stars are the top rising groups of fashion celebrity.

For many years now, artists such as Rihanna have been associated with the Puma line, Beyonce with H&M, and Kanye West with Adidas. There is no doubt that fashion and music go together.

Some other examples can be seen when Jean Paul Gaultier paid tribute to the late David Bowie’s songs in his 2016 fashion shows. The famous designer, Marc Jacobs, is known to study music as it has influenced most of his collections.

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