Four Musicians Who Got Their Big Break Late in Life

There are many artists such as Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Lorde who started their music career early. However, not everyone started this way, as did these famous singers. We also have those late bloomers who are making waves in the industry. The fact that they had hit their 30s didn’t stop them from making the limelight.

Sheryl Crow

Crow was a music teacher at an elementary school in Missouri, and she also did commercial jingles for Toyota and McDonald’s. In the 80s, she was a backup vocalist for Michael Jackson before she began work on her first album in the early 90s. Crow, in 1992, made her first attempt at a self-titled record label, but was rejected. That didn’t stop her music from circulating around various file-sharing platforms. Crow got public attention, and by 1993, she released her first album which led to her music success at the age of 31.

Andrea Bocelli

Bocelli, an Italian artist, made his debut in 1992 after his demo tape, which had a cover of the song, “Miserere,” was sent to Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti. Pavarotti decided to record:  a duet with Bocelli, which made waves all around Europe. Bocelli was later signed to the record label in 1993, and by then he was in his mid-thirties.

James Murphy

James Murphy made it in his career during his 30s. It was at this stage that he started his great musical project, the electronic dance-punk band, LCD Sound System, in 2001. The group gained public attention after they released their first single, “Losing My Edge,” in 2002. They released their best-selling debut album in 2005, and by then, Murphy was 35.

Susan Boyle

A Scottish musician, Boyle, started out at the age of 48. She entered the limelight as a contestant in Britain’s Got Talent in 2009, where she came second. Boyle released her first album in 2009, which was the number one best-selling album around the world.

Should You Invest in Your Own Home Studio?

Are you tired of the frequent trips to the recording studio, especially during times you have to go rehearse? It would not be a bad idea to have your own music recorded in your home. There are so many benefits attached to having a home-based recording studio, even though it might seem expensive setting it up initially, but it would save you a lot in the long run.

If you have considered this, but are still deciding if it is what you need, here are some reasons why you should get a recording studio in your home.


There was a time when artists would need to rent a recording studio to do rehearsals, which was inconvenient. When you get an inspiration to sing, you can easily walk into your studio at home and practice.

Budget Friendly

You also get to save yourself the high cost of studio fees by having one in your home you can use for free. Artists usually have to book a time to practice and are always on the clock. At home, you can choose how long you spend in your studio and when it’s convenient for you to record your music without any interruption.


You can choose to rehearse at midnight or lunch time. It doesn’t matter because it’s your home. You don’t need to make appointments for rehearsals. You don’t have to hurry to meet up with the time because your studio could probably be in your garage, basement or even your spare room.

Smart Investment

You can also make some extra cash from your studio if you choose to rent it. You can have other artists pay for studio time at your home recording studio. It is a plus for you to have your own recording studio because it not only saves costs but can give you some money too.


The truth is, most songs we listen to today are recorded inside a home recording studio. It is a new and innovative way which most artists have adopted.


You are not bound by any rules, because it is your own recording studio. You can do with it whatever you want. You can operate your own studio and coordinate other artists using it.

How Music Influences Fashion

It is undoubtedly not an unknown fact that music and fashion have always stood side by side. Whenever a particular trend is seen in any music genre, the fashion industry will immediately pick it up. If you doubt this claim, then let’s look at examples of some of the influences music has had in the fashion industry. The most obvious areas are punk, grime and 90s grunge, which were all inspired by music and found their way into the fashion industry.

Music is one of the largest industries and has played a significant role around the world, especially in the world of fashion. Many artists have influenced fashion such as Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Lady Gaga and many others. According to Billboard Magazine, music stars are the top rising groups of fashion celebrity.

For many years now, artists such as Rihanna have been associated with the Puma line, Beyonce with H&M, and Kanye West with Adidas. There is no doubt that fashion and music go together.

Some other examples can be seen when Jean Paul Gaultier paid tribute to the late David Bowie’s songs in his 2016 fashion shows. The famous designer, Marc Jacobs, is known to study music as it has influenced most of his collections.

Apple is Shutting Down iTunes

Apple recently announced at it’s Annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday that it would be shutting down iTunes. The media software programme, which has been operating for 18 years, will be replaced by three individual apps which will be focusing separately on music, podcasts, and TV, which is very similar to the iPhone setup.

According to Apple, these changes will take effect after it has released its latest version, macOS Catalina, in the autumn later this year. Although many users are alarmed at this announcement, they need to relax, as Apple already confirmed to CNBC that all the content on the users iTunes: account will not disappear. Users will still be able to gain access to their music library, even if they downloaded, bought or ripped the songs from a CD.

The company has confirmed that after the launch of the new update, all the music in your library will automatically be transferred to the Apple Music App and TV, while the movie purchases will move to the Apple TV app. Also, the iTunes music store will be accessible inside the music app, and the iTunes store gift cards will still be valid.

Interesting Facts About Madonna

Did you know that Madonna has an IQ of 140 and obviously hates the colour orange? She is well known for her favourite hits “Papa Don’t Preach, “Vogue”, “Secret”, “Ray of Light” and so many others. Madonna was born in August 1958, in Michigan. Her father was an Italian, while her mother was a French-Canadian. Madonna grew up in Pontiac, Michigan. She once described her childhood in an interview with Vanity Fair as a lonely girl looking for something. She claimed to be rebellious while growing up and didn’t wear makeup like other girls. Madonna always dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer.

Her nickname as a kid was “Little Noni” because she bore her mother’s name.

Out of six children, she was the third born. Madonna was a honour student and was a cheerleader at Rochester Adams High School. She got admitted on a scholarship to the University of Michigan in 1976 to study dance. In 1977, the star dropped out of college and with just $35, she moved to New York. Madonna worked in various firms, including Dunkin Donuts, to earn a living. She performed with various dance troupes and went on to study dance with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. Her first top 10 hit was with “Borderline” in 1984.

Essential Items In a Simple Music Production Studio

Music, an artistic work we all love listening to. Before getting the quality music we enjoy, it goes through several stages. A music studio is where most of the work is done. Making beats and recording audio are some of the things done in a studio.

There are some essential items a music studio cannot carry out its activities without. Some are not as crucial but their presence makes work easier and also helps in production of high-quality tunes. Some essentials include:


A music production studio cannot run without a computer. The key use of a computer in a studio is to record music. When the computer is connected with other studio items, then recording becomes easy. Any studio that is running cannot lack a computer. Computer functionality may differ and hence some computers may output better quality work compared to others. A computer can also be used in making the musical beats. Even simple studios need to invest in good computers. These do not necessarily have to be high end. A well-refurbished second hand Macbook can work well in a simple studio.

Digital Audio Workstation

Abbreviated as DAW, the workstation is the one that keeps the activities of the studio running. The DAW has several purposes in a studio all aimed at improving the musical work. The digital audio workstation has applications that help in sound editing and sound mixing. This item makes sound production an easy task. This item works hand in hand with the computer.


A studio microphone is a studio item used to help record the music audio. Without a microphone, nothing related to music production would happen in the studio. Musicians usually direct the voice towards the microphone so that it may be recorded and transmitted to the computers for editing.


When starting up a studio, headphones should be considered a priority. Headphones are essential in that they play a key role in listening to music and other things. In most studios, the place where musicians do the recording is isolated and thus they may need to listen to other sounds from different sources and this is aided by having headphones. Headphones are also important in studios in that they help prevent distractions by blocking you from hearing other noises. This helps you have a better concentration when producing music.

Microphone Stand

A microphone stand is meant to make it easy when recording music. From the name, you can tell that the stand is used to hold the microphone. It would be so tiresome if, when recording music, one would be holding the microphone with his hands for the whole session.


Your studio instruments cannot work unless they are connected with each other. Cables aid the connection between the computer, DAW and the microphone. You may be required to have some extra cables to make the studio connectivity better.

Rules for Better Songwriting

If you are planning on writing a song, there are rules you should follow; they have helped some of the best songwriters around the world.

Don’t Look for Perfection

You can write a lot of songs, but the aim of writing should be to improve as you continue and not try to be a perfectionist. You shouldn’t write songs hoping that you will be able to create the perfect song on your first trial. If you can develop your creativity without pressure, you will discover how well you have improved.

Get Feedback

It shouldn’t discourage you if you write a mediocre song. Try and be confident about your work. It isn’t right to always try to make people accept that you are good, but you need honest feedback. This will show you the things which work

Learn to Unlearn

Gradually, as you keep on with your writing, you will discover what works and what doesn’t. You’ll continue to learn new chord structures and find the right way of doing things. There are also times when you are unable to create something new. In this case, whatever sounds good to you, just do it.

The Disadvantage of Talent

Look at the life of Michael Jordan; he was one of the best players of all time. He got to that point of greatness and became so good by failing a lot compared to other players. He wasn’t recognised because he was the most talented. Having talent can take off 10% of the stress, but if you want to succeed, you will need to put in hard work and determination.

Always See the Bigger Picture

All you need is technical knowledge to start writing great music. Make sure to work on the part of your brain, which can see the whole picture of what you are creating. You should be able to identify what qualities your song needs, whether it be a little bit of emotion or a more active vocal melody.

Say It Differently

Most lyrical themes are very similar to each other in music. For instance, love is always talked about and has been able to win a place in the market. However, if you want to try the same thing, make sure you come up with something unique and entirely different.

Keep It Simple

Many musicians agree that the best songs are usually the simplest, even though they can’t write one themselves. Make sure to write more straightforward songs, so your listeners can be able to take it in when they first listen to the lyrics of your song.

10 Positive Effects of Music in Improving Your Health

You know that feeling you get when you hear a familiar song, and then a special memory brings a smile to your face. Music can make you happy, calm or feel extremely active. You can quickly identify when music is playing or when you hear a different noise.

Our brain is designed to quickly identify the different patterns of music from pitch, rhythm, melody, and harmony. You will notice that whenever fast music plays, your heart rate and breathing increases. It also affects your blood pressure, but slow music has an opposite reaction.

Many people don’t understand how their body reacts to the music they hear. Studies have shown that by listening to the music you love, your brain will produce dopamine, which is a hormone that stimulates your mood. Music can build strong emotions, such as sadness and joy. Everyone can agree that anytime they hear music, they are moved by it. Just as music affects our feelings, it also has positive effects on our health. Here are some of the many things you should know about music and your health.

Improves Mood

Research shows that music has a significant effect on your total wellbeing. It manages your emotions and makes you feel happy. It also gives you a relaxing feeling every day.

Reduces Stress

If you are anxious or stressed out, listening to relaxing music has proven to be effective in stress management. It is usually recommended by medical professionals that anyone undergoing procedures such as surgery should listen to relaxing music.

Lessens Anxiety

Studies conducted on people who were battling with cancer show that those who listen to music regularly are less anxious than those who just received treatment alone.

Improves Exercise

Also, listening to music helps improve aerobic exercise. It stimulates you mentally and physically, as well as improving your general performance.

Improves Memory

Another area which music has an effect on is memory. Certain rhyhms and melodies create a pattern in our brains to improve our memory. This method has been known to help patients who have just survived a stroke. Music will help them improve their focus, regain their memory and become less confused.

Eases Pain

Patients coming out of surgery, especially those who listened to music before, during and after the operation have less pain compared to other patients who didn’t listen to music.

Provides Comfort

Music provides therapy for expressing feelings of fear, loneliness, and anger. It helps patients with a severe illness feel comfortable and cope easily.

Improves Cognition

Patients with Alzheimer’s disease can regain some of their lost memories when they listen to music. Music helps them to maintain their mental activities.

Helps with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Children who have autism spectrum disorders are usually given music therapy, and this has proven to improve their communication skills, attention, and social responses.

Three Ways Music Can Change Your Life

Music is a transcendental form of art known to move people in so many ways. It is part of our culture and lifestyle. We can safely say that we, as humans, cannot live without music. Music has a significant impact on our memories, it lifts our mood and gives us hope for the future.

Here are three ways music can affect us all.

It Changes Our Emotional State

Our emotional state comprises of our focus, language, and physiology. Music can affect these three areas of our emotions easily. If the music which you are familiar with begins to play, you immediately lose focus, and your memories will start to pop up. At that moment, your focus is changed, and you will start to feel some emotions.

It Connects You to Others

Music brings people together. You can connect with people with similar music interests. It is the highlight of every party, and you can connect with friends and build new relationships. Music connects you with your past, present, and future.

It Makes the Silence More Vivid

When music is playing, and it suddenly stops, you will notice the silence which occurs. You will appreciate the silence more. Music allows us to understand the silence and develop our skill to listen more.

Enjoying Oxford Folk Festival

Every August the city of Oxford hosts a weekend of exciting folk acts. This includes indie up and comers, Morris dancers and well known names. Volunteers from the local community organise this event and help make sure it is as enjoyable as possible. People who come to the folk festival for the first time should read these tips to ensure a great time is had by all.


Whilst bigger festivals like Glastonbury have plenty of camping space, this is not the case for the Oxford Folk Festival. However, there are a few camping sites within driving distance. Alternatively, visitors may prefer to stay in a hotel or B&B. The great thing about this city is that there is a variety of places to stay. Some are quaint little cottages located in the countryside. Others are modern rooms in the centre of the city.

Staying Healthy

The most important thing is to stay hydrated when at this event. It is open air and there will likely be plenty of sunshine. This can increase the chances of dehydration and sunstroke. Therefore, festival goers should dress appropriately.

If people are concerned about the health impacts of festivals then it is best to talk to a doctor. This can be done using the livi app which allows patients to video chat with their GPs. It is a convenient way of accessing NHS services.


The festival is full of acts and activities to enjoy. With so much to do it can seem overwhelming for some. For this reason, it is a good idea to create an itinerary for the weekend. First the festival goer should look at the schedule for each day. Then they can pick which acts to see. Scheduling meal breaks will ensure that they have enough energy to enjoy the entire event.


Festivals are great places to hang out with friends. Doing so can create life long memories. These are also perfect venues for meeting new people. Everyone there will already have one thing in common: a love for the folk music genre. Visitors are encouraged to mingle with locals and perpetuate a friendly and social atmosphere.


The Oxford Folk Festival is at its heart a family friendly event. The rules on drinking alcohol may vary from year to year. However, it is a safe bet to assume that there will be very little alcoholic beverages to buy on site.

Visitors may also not be allowed to bring their own booze. If they are thinking of doing this they should wait until the event is closed. Then the relevant rules regarding alcohol should be posted online. Alternatively, they can contact the organisers directly and ask about it.