What Can Smokers Pack for Music Festivals

While not all music festivals have banned cigarette smoking, there is no doubt that smoking can make people around you uncomfortable and impact the environment negatively.

As a result, music festivals such as Rock en Seine, Primavera Sound, and Glastonbury Festival have, in the past, advised festival goers not to bring cigarettes. Advancing it further, such advisories are meant to prevent fire breakouts and prevent exposing attendees to second-hand smoke.

Thankfully, there are alternative products you can pack when attending music festivals as a smoker.

Nicotine Pouches

Using nicotine pouches is simple; simply place the product between the gum and lip for about an hour. That means there is no smoke production, and they can’t cause fire. Worried that pouches will not help you cope during the event? Well, there is nothing to worry about.

While discreet and small, nicotine pouches can satisfy even the heaviest of smokers. Northerner’s list of nicotine pouches includes brands like Velo UK, which deliver a satisfying kick within minutes. Velo offers various strengths, including Less Intense, Medium, Strong, Extra Strong, Ultra, and Max, which contain 4, 6, 10, 11, 14, and 17 milligrams per pouch, respectively.

Nasal Sprays

You perhaps don’t want to take nicotine orally, right? Nasal sprays can be your best choice as they deliver the substance through your nasal passages. These sprays can relieve your cravings in just five minutes. Hence, you can use the product when waiting for your favourite music band to hit the stage.


Using an inhalator is as simple as inhaling its content. As you do so, the nicotine is absorbed into your body through the lining of the mouth and the back of the throat.

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