Top Reggae Tracks of 2020

2020 was a double-edged year with both a good and a bad side. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic dominating the year, reggae lovers got some good things out of it. Major reggae tunes were released by both legendary and upcoming artists. Some of the best tracks of 2020 include:

Lockdown by Koffee

Lockdown is a popular reggae song by Koffee. It is a feel-good love song directed by Yannick Reid and produced by Dane Ray. The song released amid the Covid-19 pandemic visualizes how the post-quarantine will be. From this song, the young artist set a record for being the first reggae artist to get one million YouTube views in 48 hours.

White Rum & Reggae by Ritchie Stephens and Marcia Griffiths

The White Rum & Reggae is a 2020 reggae tune released as part of the White Rum & Reggae Album. You can listen to the song on most online platforms like Deezer and Spotify.

Still a Go Dance by Christopher Ellis

Still a Go Dance is a top reggae track produced by Damian Marley, a Grammy award winner. The song was released on 31st January and has earned millions of views worldwide. The hit song is accessible on popular digital platforms like YouTube and iTunes.

Dela Move by Chronnix

Reggae fans loved the Dela Move single which was released on 13th March. People enjoyed every aspect of the song from the video to the lyrics. This tune has elements of the hip hop sound and the rhythms created using African instruments. The song is inspired by a hit song known as Della Move from back in 1987 by Admiral Bailey.

Secret Lovers by Etana

Secret Lovers is a reggae song by Jamaican female artist Etana. She released the song in 2020 featuring Wiya. The widely acclaimed song was part of the Gemini album. You can listen to it on Deezer and YouTube