Enjoying Oxford Folk Festival

Every August the city of Oxford hosts a weekend of exciting folk acts. This includes indie up and comers, Morris dancers and well known names. Volunteers from the local community organise this event and help make sure it is as enjoyable as possible. People who come to the folk festival for the first time should read these tips to ensure a great time is had by all.


Whilst bigger festivals like Glastonbury have plenty of camping space, this is not the case for the Oxford Folk Festival. However, there are a few camping sites within driving distance. Alternatively, visitors may prefer to stay in a hotel or B&B. The great thing about this city is that there is a variety of places to stay. Some are quaint little cottages located in the countryside. Others are modern rooms in the centre of the city.

Staying Healthy

The most important thing is to stay hydrated when at this event. It is open air and there will likely be plenty of sunshine. This can increase the chances of dehydration and sunstroke. Therefore, festival goers should dress appropriately.

If people are concerned about the health impacts of festivals then it is best to talk to a doctor. This can be done using the livi app which allows patients to video chat with their GPs. It is a convenient way of accessing NHS services.


The festival is full of acts and activities to enjoy. With so much to do it can seem overwhelming for some. For this reason, it is a good idea to create an itinerary for the weekend. First the festival goer should look at the schedule for each day. Then they can pick which acts to see. Scheduling meal breaks will ensure that they have enough energy to enjoy the entire event.


Festivals are great places to hang out with friends. Doing so can create life long memories. These are also perfect venues for meeting new people. Everyone there will already have one thing in common: a love for the folk music genre. Visitors are encouraged to mingle with locals and perpetuate a friendly and social atmosphere.


The Oxford Folk Festival is at its heart a family friendly event. The rules on drinking alcohol may vary from year to year. However, it is a safe bet to assume that there will be very little alcoholic beverages to buy on site.

Visitors may also not be allowed to bring their own booze. If they are thinking of doing this they should wait until the event is closed. Then the relevant rules regarding alcohol should be posted online. Alternatively, they can contact the organisers directly and ask about it.

Nine Reasons Why Art and Music Are Helpful for Children

Music is essential to everyone, especially when growing up as a child. It is vital that it is taught in schools, as the benefits are so great. Music is an art, and it allows children to express their creativity.

Here are some reasons why children need music in their lives.

Brain Booster

When children make music, they are also able to expand their brain. What music does to the brain, is that it stimulates it, just as when they are working on maths or any other learning subject.

Improves Academic Results

Children who are inclined to enjoy art have more educational benefits. Music motivates children to do well in class, and to remain in school. It motivates them to improve their performance.

Lasting Memory

If you want your kids to have a retentive memory, music will help achieve this. Studies show that children exposed to music at an early age can understand phrases, sounds, and movements

sooner. Dancing also helps children develop excellent motor abilities. Even adults get the benefit of a remarkable memory from listening to music.

Improves Creativity

If a child is creative naturally in arts, you will see them expand in their gift when they listen to or create music. If you allow your children to express themselves, it is a great way to open channels of creativity in their lives.

Music Enhances Social Skills

Music classes help children learn skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication.

Enhances Language, Art and Reading Skills

Music expands the brains of children, and this means that they can acquire knowledge faster. Studies conducted at the renowned University of Southern California show that music can develop the brain for language learning in children. Toddlers can identify shapes and colours using music. If you want to improve communication and reading skills in your children, introducing them to music will be a great start.

Builds Confidence

With music, children can develop skills which will help them build their confidence. Studies have shown that when children participate in arts and music, the compliments they get gives them confidence.

Music Connects People

Music has a great way of creating a fun-filled atmosphere. It is also an excellent way for children to connect with cultures and the people around them. Children can connect with their parents and siblings when listening to music.

Art and Music Instills Discipline

When children learn music, they can discover different vital theories on the subject. Even though a child may be musically talented, it will take dedication and practice to improve their gifts. They will need the devotion to commit their time to train, and appropriate classrooms, which will help them learn discipline.

Reasons You Should Take up a Musical Instrument

There are so many benefits you can get from learning how to play a musical instrument. It helps you develop confidence, improves your memory and also you see changes in your social life. Here are the reasons why you should start learning an instrument now.

You Become Smarter

Albert Einstein, a great physicist, said that life without music is inconceivable. Studies have undoubtedly shown that there is a relationship between musical training and success in academics. Your brain is stimulated when you play music and this, in turn, will improve your memory and reasoning, as well as other intellectual functions for you to succeed in science-related subjects.

Your Social Life Will Improve

Also, when you play an instrument, you help expand your social circle. You get to meet people in your music classes and build new relationships with those around you.

Relieves Stress

Playing musical instruments has a very unique effect on your emotions, heart rate, and blood pressure. According to the psychologist Jane Collingwood, slow classical music is the best for your system. Music can play a significant role in relaxing your mind and body, especially quiet traditional rhythms.

You Get a Sense of Achievement

During rehearsals, you may struggle to get the best performance, but eventually, you succeed in the competition. By delivering an incredible rendition, you develop a little pride from your achievement, which is healthy.

It Builds Your Confidence

Playing musical instruments builds your confidence, especially if you are going to be performing in front of a large audience. Playing in public places such as at concerts will make you show your talent, and you will see a lot of people anticipating your music.

It Improves Patience

When you start learning how to play musical instruments, it might not seem easy for the first few lessons, but gradually you will improve. You will notice that with constant practice: and time, you get better at it. This will also allow you to apply this in your everyday life as you learn to be patient in all matters.

It Helps Improve Your Memory

Studies have shown that playing musical instruments also enhances your memory, literacy skills, and reasoning. When you play a musical instrument, you are utilising the two parts of your brain.

It Makes You More Creative

Playing musical instruments helps you discover your creative side. As you play other people’s notes, you will find new ways to create your own unique piece.

Finding Music Inspiration in Nature

All artists, at some point in their career, lose the desire or interest to create art. It is not unusual for a music creator to lose inspiration; it is widespread in the industry. A musician can find it less exciting and extremely difficult to compose music or even play their instrument.

If you find yourself having difficulty in creating new music, here are some inspirational ideas which will help you get out of this problem.

Finding Inspiration in Nature

The beauty of nature and the serenity which comes along with the environment has been one of the best: places to find inspiration by artists for centuries. Nature has become part of our culture, beliefs, and philosophy, and it has played a vital role in our expression of art. Artists can be inspired by nature, and since life has its own language to our soul, it would be a great way to create new levels of art

How Nature Has Inspired Musicians

If you study most artistic compositions, especially classical music, you will find that many of them are nature themed. For instance, in the famous work of Vivaldi, “The Four Seasons”, the musical instruments were obviously inspired by nature. The instruments are played to imitate the sound of rustling leaves to indicate spring, diminished chords to symbolise thunderstorms for the summer, and listeners can hear the notes played in the pizzicato style, sounding like freezing cold.

Become Inspired

There are so many places around to connect with nature and be inspired. You can start with the locations near you. It could be at the park, close to the beach where you can connect with the water, or woodlands around you.

Music is a Lifestyle

When you think about the life of a hardcore music lover, you can see how much music influences their lifestyle. We live in a world where music is much appreciated, and sometimes it can even be an addiction. People don’t just desire music but demand it instead. It is what we listen to, to get through the day, and sometimes it can be hard to go without music. Imagine a world without music! If you are having a bad day, you should realise that you probably haven’t listened to your favourite song. Music gives answers to our questions; it resolves issues and lets us know that we aren’t the only ones experiencing stressful situations.

A music enthusiast can be found anywhere great music is playing. When a music-related occasion calls, they will always be there. You would hardly find a music lover without their headphones or portable speakers. There is hardly ever a time when you won’t hear the sound of music. When the music comes on, it is loud, and that is just simply how we love it. Music is magic; it is like the air we breathe. Music is love, and even as we grow older, music lovers will keep loving music until the end of time.

Things You Didn’t Know about Beyoncé

We have compiled some interesting facts about Beyonce, which you probably didn’t know before now.

  • Beyonce’s full name is Beyoncé Giselle Carter-Knowles.
  • She was born on September 4, 1981, in Houston Texas.
  • Beyonce was named after her mother’s maiden name.
  • She comes from native American, African, Irish and French heritage.
  • Beyonce is related to Joseph Broussard, the Acadian leader from her mother’s family.
  • Her singing talent was discovered at age eight in a dance: class while her teacher sang a song; Beyonce ended it with high notes.
  • At eight, Beyonce was introduced to her future Destiny’s Child band which included Kelly Rowland and LaTavia Robertson while they auditioned, and joined three other girls to form a group called Girl’s Tyme.
  • As a kid, Beyonce won a singing competition in school with John Lennon’s song “Imagine”.
  • She was depressed for two years but hid it around the period when Destiny’s Child won their Grammy.
  • Beyonce partnered with Kelly Rowland to form the Survivor Foundation to provide relief for victims of natural disasters. She also built the Knowles Temenos Place Apartments in Houston.
  • She has worked with many charities such as Chime for Change, Elevate Network, Girl Up, Girls Inc. Of Greater Houston, I Was Here and International Planned Parenthood Federation.
  • Beyonce’s mother is her costume designer and hairstylist. Her mother owned a salon while her father started managing her music career in
  • Beyonce won over 30 music and dancing competitions when she was a child.
  • ‘Bootylicious’ which was a song title on her Destiny’s Child album was included in the Oxford English Dictionary.
  • Her favourite singer is Stevie Wonder.

The Five Elements of Music


Melody is the most critical component in a song. The melody: is the tune, and it comes in various pitches, notes, and organised patterns. Every single note is usually determined by the rhythm of the melody.


Harmony comes into play when pitches are vertically integrated into groups of three notes. Harmony is commonly termed as a chord or triad. Chords harmonise melodies and provide notes which go along with the melody.


With keys, it refers to grouping pitches into families. All notes in a key have something in common. Keys are developed when a first degree (tonic) and fifth-degree (dominant) are combined with meaning and structure to the pitch elements in the song.


This element explains how time works in a song. The metre of the piece develops when recurring pulses of beats are created, and the effects are accented by time. When a song is playing, you can

detect the regularity of the beats in the music, and the metre organises the element of time in the music.


This is the most popular element which everyone is familiar with. Rhythm applies to the way in which time is used in the music. The melody notes have rhythm because of their varying lengths.

Best Gadget for Producing Music

We live in a world of technology, and it has played a significant role in every area of our lives and even in the world of music. We can hardly live our lives today without it.

Technology in music keeps evolving, and artists may not need recording studios anymore, because they can produce their music anywhere when they are using advanced technology. In this very informative article, we will show you how some gadgets are useful in making great music in our time and are available just at the tip of our fingers.

Music makers don’t depend entirely on studios to make music, as it was done some years ago. They can easily create songs with many devices. There are also platforms where they can upload their music, so it can reach a wide range of listeners all over the world.

All these can be done at a cost-effective rate without having to break the bank. Many affordable devices can create great music, and we will mention just two of them which you will find interesting.

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

This gadget speaks volumes when it comes to the number of features it renders for music makers. The sound quality is excellent, with its high-resolution music assistant and strong RAM. It can handle large file apps without breaking. It has a good battery: life, and the display is fantastic with beautiful graphics and sharp images. The keyboard accessories are detailed and functional. This gadget is a must-have for music enthusiasts and music producers.

Apple iPad Pro

This is another gadget, especially for those who don’t have a love for Android devices. The iOS counterpart is a reliable device with useful features. It comes with a Hexa-core CPU which is super fast and can allow music producers to install their software on this gadget.